Evaluation of the Longlite QL3

Oxxio, working in collaboration with Longlite, has plans to launch an attachment for a light bulb which it holds can cut the energy consumption of the bulb without reducing the illumination provided, at the same time achieving a substantial increase in bulb lifetime. As traditional light bulbs still account for a major share of the market and users consciously opt for this type of light source for certain applications, the new product could have significant benefits.

In part-cooperation with Eindhoven Technological University’s Light Laboratory, CE Delft has evaluated these claims and the associated environmental gains. The main conclusion is that the so-called QL3 attachment does indeed cut energy consumption, by 12.2% on average. There is a decrease in illumination, though, such that the total lighting efficiency, expressed in lumen per watt, also declines. Although the claim that the QL3 extends bulb lifetime was not tested experimentally, a study of the documentation provided makes this very plausible.


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