Local Energy Transition

With the national Climate Agreement in place, it’s now up to municipalities to organise the heat transition in homes and other buildings and designate sites for wind and solar. CE Delft provides research and consulting services to help with design of local climate and sustainability policies and assess their effectiveness.

With our in-depth knowledge of policies and the policy cycle and our extensive know-how on technical and economic aspects of the energy transition, we can suggest policies best in line with municipal targets, if necessary calling in colleagues working on other themes like Sustainable Urban Mobility and Sustainable Procurement.

Key fields of expertise

  • Regional Energy Strategies (RES)
  • Heat transition visions
  • Connecting models with policy

What can CE Delft do for you?

Policy advice

CE Delft advises local and provincial authorities on effective policy packages for energy and sustainability issues, including support on Regional Energy Strategies and Heat Transition Visions.

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Policy reviews

How effective have your energy and sustainability policies been to date? A policy review by CE Delft can provide the answer. We conduct such reviews for administrators as well as for municipal auditing departments.

Models and tools

Besides our knowledge of policies and the policy cycle, we base our analyses on technical-economic models tuned to the client’s specific situation and wishes.

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