Factsheets on road vehicle fuels

TNO and CE Delft have published an update of their factsheets on road vehicle fuels, covering petrol, diesel and the ‘alternative fuels’ LPG, natural gas, green gas, biodiesel, bio-ethanol, GTL, electricity and hydrogen. While the emphasis is on emissions (CO2, NOx, particulates), there is also data on practical issues and costs. The factsheets cover cars, vans, trucks and buses.  
This update differs from the previous version from 2012 in presenting new insights into emissions per vehicle type and fuel category as a result of new vehicle emission measurements. In addition, certain numerical factors have been modified, such as a higher share of electric drive for plug-in hybrids (petrol) and an update of the emission factor for electricity to bring it in line with trends in the Dutch electricity mix. With respect to costs, besides an update of various items a series of figures has also been included showing user costs per kilometre, enabling improved comparison. 
The factsheets constitute a key data source for national, provincial and local decision-makers working on traffic, fuel consumption, vehicle procurement, public transport and environmental issues. The extensive, state-of-the-art know-how of the authoring organizations with respect to transport fuels and their environmental impact is succinctly summarized in these factsheets, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment.

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