From effort to result? Analysis of the Gelderland Energy transition 2012-2015 programme

When it was established in spring 2014 that the Gelderland provincial authority would fail to secure its energy transition targets for the period 2012-2015, the Eastern Netherlands Court of Audit initiated a study on how the transition was being effectuated, focusing on the incentives and barriers influencing provincial policy in this area. The Court was supported in this study by CE Delft.

The study’s main conclusion is that while the authority has made major efforts to achieve the provincial energy transition through a broad mix of projects and policies, there is only fragmentary evidence as to the programme’s actual results. There is thus little understanding of the most effective and cost-efficient policy options at the authority’s disposal. 
The study makes two main recommendations: 
  1. To achieve sufficient clarity about the relationship between project targets and programme targets, improve monitoring before any new programme is launched. 
  2. Elaborate a long-term vision, so the authority’s contribution to energy neutrality in 2050 is rendered transparent both within and outside the administrative apparatus.

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