Green Power for Electric Cars

Contrary to the trends in most other sectors, greenhouse gas emissions of the transport
sector are still increasing, and are predicted to grow further in the coming years, at current
policies. As there is no simple solution to the challenge of achieving significant CO2
reductions in transport, it has become clear that a large range of efficient and effective CO2
reduction measures will have to be taken.

In the coming decades, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles could play a significant role in
this move towards sustainable transport. If these vehicles run on renewable electricity, they
could substantially cut CO2 emissions and improve local air quality.
Electric vehicles might even help to make the electricity sector more sustainable, if the
batteries in the vehicles could be used to manage the variable output of an increasing share
of wind and solar-based power generation. However, the extent to which these advantages
can be harvested under current policies is open to question.

T&E, Friends of the Earth Europe and Greenpeace European Unit have therefore jointly
commissioned this study to look into how the full potential of electric cars can be realised.
The study aims to analyse the potential impact of the electrification of road transport on EU
power production and to develop policy recommendations to ensure that this development
will lead to the growth of renewable electricity in Europe.