Greenhouse horticulture: a vision on energy and climate for 2030

The Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector is working towards 100% climate-neutrality in 2050 and intends to have made significant strides by 2030. This major challenge is to be tackled through a range of measures in the realm of more efficient greenhouse operation and cultivation methods, heat recovery and use of renewable energy for both heat and power. Flexible, regional strategies will be employed, including connection to district heat grids, use of geothermal heat and flexible electricity use based on the availability of cheap solar and wind power.

Under the Long-Term Agreement on an Energy Transition in Greenhouse Horticulture 2014-2020 the Ministry of Economic Affairs and LTO Glaskracht Nederland have agreed to develop a vision on how to achieve sectoral energy sustainability post-2020.

This study was carried out for LTO Glaskracht and the Ministry of Economic Affairs as part of the programme Kas als Energiebron (Greenhouses as an Energy Source).