Hooking up to heat grids. Guidelines

Connecting homes to a heat grid is one way to reduce their carbon footprint. At the request of Aedes, CE Delft has prepared this set of guidelines to steer housing corporations through the process of hooking up existing homes to a heat grid. It describes the choice for carbon-neutral heating and the considerations housing corporations may need to make in this context. Heat grids themselves are also discussed. What does this technology involve, what  are the costs and how are they shouldered by the various parties? The interests and boundary conditions of the parties are elaborated in four factsheets.

The guidelines go on to consider the process that unfolds as the parties get to work on actual implementation. What are the various types of project and what are the legal aspects? Specifically for housing corporations, model Partnership Agreements and Operating Agreements are provided in separate documents

Practical lessons
The guidelines also look at five case studies where housing corporations have connected homes to a heat grid. Based on the lessons learned from this experience readers can see what the process of connecting homes to a new or existing heat grid looks like. Finally, a step-by-step plan is included providing housing corporations schematic insight into the following issues:

  1. When is a heat grid the best option for homes on a particular estate?
  2. Researching the feasibility
  3. Implementation

Publication is only available in Dutch.

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