Impact analysis of Climate Agreement with industry

The North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service (OD NZKG) is a regional office for licensing, supervision and enforcement (LSE) on matters relating to the environment, soils and construction. It also advises on issues like land development and allied policy issues.

The industrial facilities served by OD NZKG are transitioning to a climate-neutral, circular-economy future. The industrial processes of today will be changing and in some cases phased out, and new facilities and new innovative processes will be emerging. This means OD NZKG’s operating environment will be changing, too. To prepare adequately for this new future, OD NZKG asked CE Delft to chart the technological changes that will be occurring in industry and their impact on OD NZKG’s activities.

The report shows that implementation of the Climate Agreement will lead to numerous changes: new technologies will be developed and rolled out, new infrastructure will be needed and new companies will be coming in. One consequence will be a rise in the number of permit applications. A key recommendation is to invest, in the short term, in knowhow and expertise on the new technologies. In-depth familiarity with the new technologies and robust insight into the changes occurring in the region will continue to be a crucial condition for effective execution of LSE duties.