Inspiration guide: New space for the sun

The scarcity of space in our country calls for smart solutions for solar power generation. Fortunately, energy generation from the sun can often be easily combined with other functions. Such as panels on facades or on noise barriers. Water, car parks and horticulture also offer plenty of opportunities for the multifunctional use of space. By cleverly combining functions, we can find new space for solar power generation.

Inspiration guide

CE Delft was commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) to provide an overview of 15 inspiring examples of how solar energy generation can go hand in hand with other functions. We have compiled these examples in an inspiration guide, New space for the sun, which you can download on this page.


We explained the guide’s highlights in a webinar on 19 April 2023. In the webinar, we also discussed a case study of the provincial government building in Zwolle, where solar energy is generated via a solar carport coupled with an underground battery. You can watch the webinar here.