Insulation credit. Background report for the proposal by Natuur en Milieu

The ‘insulation credit’ is a proposal by Dutch NGO Natuur en Milieu (Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment), intended to provide major impetus for reducing the carbon footprint of homes and boosting public support for climate policy. It would be a ‘credit voucher’ available to all owners of rented and private properties currently lacking wall or floor insulation, making them eligible for having either of these two measures fully subsidised. In this study the costs and CO2 emission reductions of these two insulation measures were calculated and possible ways of rolling out such a scheme explored.

Total costs and CO2 abatement potential

Measure Number of dwellings

Total costs

(bln. €)

CO2 reduction

(Mt CO2/year)

Cavity wall insulation 1,893,000 2.18 1.70
Floor insulation 567,000 0.93 0.34
TOTAL 2,460,000 3.11 2.04