LCA report of Prolock riverbank protection

CE Delft conducted a cradle-to-gate LCA study of Prolock bank or shore protection, commissioned by Profextru B.V. and in cooperation with Stimular. This bank or shore protection is produced with recycled PVC and can be used as shoring, sheet piling and seepage protection. The results of this LCA study are included in the National Environment Database (NMD) and available in DuboCalc per square metre (m2) bank protection.

Profextru B.V. produces four types of Prolock screens: Sigma, Omega, Delta and Aqua. These screens are used as bank or shore protection, in combination with posts (wood or steel) and possibly a purlin (wood). We calculated the environmental impacts of 12 different configurations of the bank or shore protection with varying dimensions and materialisation of the posts and purlin.

You can find a preview on this page. The entire LCA report can be requested from Profextru B.V. via this link.