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Maarten Bruinsma

Maarten Bruinsma
About Maarten

I’ve been working as a researcher and consultant in CE Delft’s Supply Chain Analysis sector since February 2020. I conduct Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies to quantify the environmental footprint of products, services and companies. With the insights gained from these studies I help companies, government agencies and other organisations become more sustainable.

Before joining CE Delft I worked as an LCA researcher at Ecochain on projects for building materials producers, production companies and governmental organisations. I’ve also worked as a policy advisor on sustainability at Lansingerland municipality, where my main focus was on public policy development with regards to the circular economy and the energy transition. In both these jobs I was involved in developing and implementing sustainable (and circular) policies, which is also my main focus at CE Delft.

I’ve always been deeply interested in society’s environmental footprint. During my master’s study in Industrial Ecology I therefore specialised in LCA, as LCA allowed me to deepen my understanding of this impact. I also joined Prêt-à-Loger (a pilot study on making Dutch 1960s terraced houses energy-neutral) as an LCA specialist, to explore how LCA can be used to improve the footprint of existing buildings and infrastructure. For my thesis I investigated how LCA can be used to improve the sustainability of hotels, which provided the basis for investigating the environmental impact of organisations and companies after completing my studies.

Expertise/interests: LCA, climate policy, circularity, sustainable procurement

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