Making better use of SDE++ budgets in the sustainable energy transition

According to Netherlands Statistics (CBS) renewables are anticipated to contribute 11.1% to the Dutch energy mix in 2020, far short of the government target of 14%. At the same time, the funds available under the SDE+(+) renewable energy incentive scheme are not being fully utilised, but transferred in part to the budgetary reserve for renewables.

This project investigates whether improved utilization of the SDE+(+)-budget might be achieved through changes in SDE+(+) budgeting systematics. Since the inception of the SDE+ scheme there has been a budgetary surplus, accompanied by transfers to the budgetary reserve. The question is whether this is structural and what mechanisms can be taken to ensure the funds intended for renewables remain available for that purpose and, if availability is guaranteed, how the funds can be dispatched in more timely fashion.