More sustainable leasing

By making their lease car fleets more sustainable, employers can save themselves thousands of Euros a year. This is one of the findings of this study, carried out for Athlon Car Lease. This company is keen to offer its customers mobility solutions that save them time and money, reduce CO2 emissions and possibly help reduce congestion. To this end it has drawn up a ‘Sustainable Mobility Plan’, comprising measures like working from home, a ‘Business Card’ for the national rail grid, fuel-efficient cars, alternative fuels and electric vehicles. To underpin this plan, CE Delft has estimated the CO2 cuts and costs of these measures.
The results show that these measures indeed reduce CO2 emissions, with most also leading to cost savings. By working at home one day per week, for instance, the average lease car driver can save an average of 2,300 Euro a year and cut his or her CO2 emissions by 5%. The effects of the package of measures were then calculated for the entire vehicle fleet. This showed that the CO2 emissions of the fleet can be reduced by one-quarter, at the same time saving around 1,500 Euro per leased vehicle.