Policy beyond the horizon – Climate policy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

In ’s-Hertogenbosch (‘Den Bosch’) the municipal auditing committee was asked by the city council to evaluate the city’s climate policy, looking at both design and implementation. Progress on the long-term aim of climate-neutrality proved to be lagging behind. The aim of the audit was to establish what policy targets have been set, whether the stated ambitions are realistic, why target realisation is not on track, and what kind of strategies and corrective action might be pursued to rectify the situation.

The learning effects of the audit have spin-off for more than just climate policy, as the city, and city hall,  face issues relating to long-term policy (development, steering, validation) in other areas, too. The topic of climate (policies, targets) is currently on the agenda of many Dutch municipalities. In their work, the Den Bosch municipal auditing committee were supported by several CE Delft consultants. The audit was received enthusiastically by the council.

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