Policy review of MIA\Vamil environmental investment schemes

To encourage investment in innovative, environment-friendly machinery and equipment the Dutch government has two subsidy schemes: MIA (Environmental Investment Allowance) and Vamil (Arbitrary Depreciation of Environmental Investments). The former gives companies a tax deduction on part of their investment, while the latter means they can adopt an arbitrary depreciation scheme, providing benefits in terms of interest paid and liquidity, among other things. Investments in machinery and equipment satisfying the criteria set out in the ‘Environmental List’ are eligible for financial support under these schemes. This List is updated annually to include all technologies currently in the phase of market introduction as well as yielding environmental benefits going beyond statutory requirements.

The main aims of the present review are:

  • to gain insight into the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the MIAVamil schemes
  • to investigate whether and how the schemes can be improved.

The review covers applications made during the period 2011-2016

Publication only available in Dutch.