Power to Products

As the contribution of renewable energy increases, a growing amount of renewably-sourced electricity will be available on windy and/or sunny days. If electricity demand is low on such days, the price may be low – sometimes lower than the gas price or even near-zero. On those days the process industry can make good use of the power surplus. At other times with little wind or solar power, with prices possibly high, the industry can reduce its electricity requirements and thus help match supply and demand.

The question addressed in this project is how (technically, operationally and organizationally), at what cost and revenue level, and under what conditions the process industry van make its demand for electrical power more flexible. With greater flexibilization, the industry can utilize cheap renewable power while at the same time contributing to grid stability, as set out in the National Energy Agreement. This report assesses how and under what conditions this can be concretely elaborated.