Reduced emissions through investments in infrastructure

Besides technological innovations in the realm of vehicles and fuels, modifications to infrastructure can also provide a route to securing climate targets. To improve understanding of the potential of such measures, CE Delft was asked to carry out an exploratory study by the Royal Dutch Transport Federation (KNV) in collaboration with VolkerWessels and with financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

The study provides insight into infrastructure measures that can help reduce transport CO2 emissions. All in all, almost thirty measures were investigated, in the following categories:
– measures to improve traffic flow
– measures to promote modal shift
– measures to reduce vehicle energy consumption
– other measures

Six measures were examined in more detail to asses the degree to which they can help reduce transport CO2 emissions. The potential reductions to be achieved with these measures are limited. The greatest opportunities are in the realm of cycling infrastructure and power generation on transport infrastructure. Infrastructure measures to improve traffic flow prove to be ineffective in reducing CO2 emissions.