Rivierenland Water Board energy neutral. Audit Committee investigation into the efficiency and effectiveness of in-house renewable energy generation

CE Delft conducted a study of the ambitions of Energy Neutral 2030 for the Audit Office of the Rivierenland Water Authority. The study considered the effectiveness and efficiency of the energy policy in the period 2015-2021, whether the measures are sufficient to be completely energy-neutral by 2030 and what measures still need to be taken to achieve this.

The measures implemented by the Rivierenland Water Authority contribute towards achieving the energy neutrality ambition and are therefore effective. The measures implemented in connection with energy generation are similar to measures taken by other water authorities. However, these measures will not achieve the goal of energy neutrality by 2030.

It is recommended that timely decisions are made about new solar and wind projects to ensure their realisation before 2030. In addition to this, more attention should be paid to energy conservation policies. The governing board can strengthen its role of setting the framework if the executive board clearly specifies the framework for new policies.

The full report, including the administrative response, can be found here.