STREAM Freight Transport 2020

STREAM Freight Transport 2020 is a handbook providing new emission factors per tonne-kilometre for road, rail, inland shipping, maritime shipping and air transport. This update was needed because European vehicle standards, fleet renewal, government policy and technical progress mean transport emissions have changed since 2014, the reference year for STREAM 2016. Practical measurements on vehicles and vessels have also led to new data on real-world emissions.

Under the acronym STREAM (Study on Transport Emissions of All Modes) CE Delft has now been publishing reports with transport emission factors for almost ten years. These STREAM emission factors are frequently used by policy-makers, industry, researchers and consultants for policy exploration and development on issues relating to modal shift, fleet renewal, (carbon) footprinting and other such matters.

New in STREAM 2020 are emission factors for aviation, wider coverage of maritime shipping and a chapter on the emissions associated with vehicle production and infrastructure use, with special focus on the carbon footprint of battery production in the context of lifecycle truck emissions.