Summary: LCA REnescience. Comparison of wet and dry post-consumer municipal waste separation

In this Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) different post-consumer waste separation methods are compared. The goal is to assess how the REnescience technology compares to the dry post-consumer separation treatment and to incineration (with metal recovery). This LCA gives insight into the potential environmental impact and some options for improvement. The study focusses on waste management for the municipality of Eindhoven and ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 2017/2018.

All treatment options have a net environmental benefit, when expressed in ReCiPe single score. Compared to dry separation treatment, the REnescience technology has a higher plastics recovery, higher biogas production, as well as CO2 capture. On the other hand, external electricity and heat requirements are higher, and an input of enzymes is necessary. Together, these aspects result in a net impact for the REnescience treatment in the Eindhoven/’s-Hertogenbosch region which is comparable to or better than dry separation treatment.

This summary is based on an elaborate, confidential, LCA report.