Super EcoCombi | Exploration of opportunities and projected impacts

At the request of the ‘Logistics Topsector’, CE Delft and Buck Consultants carried out an exploratory study on the potential use and projected impacts of the Super EcoCombi (SEC) in the Netherlands. The SEC is an innovative vehicle concept in which two standard 13.6 metre trailers are combined in a single, 32-metre HGV train, almost 7 m longer than the 25.25 m EcoCombis that have been in use on selected sections of the Dutch road network for the past fifteen years.

In this study CE Delft investigated the opportunities for using SECs in the Netherlands, the economic impact for hauliers and the wider social impacts. In doing so, our main focus was on estimating environmental impacts (CO2 and other air pollutant emissions). We looked primarily at their potential use in seven market segments where this use appears to be economically efficient, taking the period 2021-2030 as a time frame. In addition, we also examined the longer-term scope (2025 onwards) for creating an independent network for using SECs on the primary road grid.

This exploratory study indicates that SECs may offer new scope for further optimisation of road freight carriage and contribute to more sustainable logistics. For the seven market segments considered, use of SECs for specific trips in the logistics chain may lead to considerable savings on costs and CO2 emissions.

The final report (in Dutch) is available here



Kees Verweij, Christiaan van Luik, Barend Bekamp (BCI)