Supply chain emissions of heat supply

On the ‘CO2 performance ladder’ summarizing the direct and indirect emissions of various forms of energy consumption, the value given for use of heat from heat grids in the last few years was deemed debatable. A single emission index for heat did not do justice to the diversity of heat sources, it was held. At the request of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO, CE Delft therefore joined up with selected experts to elaborate a new list of standard emission indices for heat from heat grids.

The new list gives figures for direct and indirect emissions for heat from Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant, waste incineration plant, geothermal, biomass-fired plant and industrial waste heat. These standard indices were calculated using existing methods such as EMG and SimaPro/Ecoinvent. Although the list presents standard values, the study also explains how users can themselves calculate the emissions associated with the particular form of heat they use. They are thus free to deviate from the standard values and use the data from their heat supplier’s quality certificate, as available.


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