Systems study on Groningen & Drenthe energy infrastructure. 2020-2050

It is still very much an open question how energy supply and demand will have evolved by 2050. In this study on the Dutch provinces of Groningen en Drenthe several different scenarios were therefore developed, representing possible futures in terms of both demand for various energy carriers (for buildings, industry, mobility) and supply (solar, wind, power stations). As a baseline the current situation was taken (‘2020 scenario’). For 2030 one scenario was defined, based on achievement of the targets set out in the National Climate Agreement, regional plans and ongoing trends. For 2050 four scenarios were elaborated, based on the ‘Future Grid’ (CE Delft, 2017a; 2017b), but adjusted to the specific situation in the two provinces. The four scenarios differ across the axes domestic energy/imports and low/high hydrogen demand. These scenarios represent extremes, so future reality will in all probability be adequately covered, allowing potential infrastructure problems to be identified.