The infrastructure costs associated with road haulage

At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, CE Delft has assessed the costs of road infrastructure in the Netherlands. The main focus was on the proportion of these costs to be attributed to road haulage, i.e. heavy goods vehicles. To this end the costs of infrastructure build as well as administration and maintenance were reviewed for the year 2006, making a distinction between the arterial road grid and secondary roads inside and outside built-up areas.
This report describes the methodology used and the findings on the infrastructure costs attributable to freight haulage. The study builds on earlier studies on the issue, specifically the joint CE & VU study Prijs van een Reis (‘The Price of a Journey’) and research carried out under an interdepartmental policy studies programme on freight transport charges. In line with the results of these earlier studies, this report concludes that the infrastructure costs associated with road haulage are considerably higher per vehicle-kilometre than in the case of passenger cars. The methodology and findings of the study were compared with the German calculations used as a basis for the Maut charging scheme employed in Germany and with earlier studies on the Dutch situation. A sensitivity analysis was also carried out on the main methodological choices.

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