Transport and environment: facing a dilemma
TERM 2005: indicators tracking transport and environment in the European Union

CE Delft advises the European Environment Agency (EEA) on transport and environment issues, each year updating a large number of factsheets with the latest statistics and improving analyses. In addition, CE provides input for the Agency’s annual report. That report is drawn up using the most recent data from the factsheets, with CE preparing the draft version, which is then subject to a review process. The report, distributed widely to policy-makers in Brussels and individual member states, provides a one-stop review of developments in the transport and environment field. The 2005 report reviews the following topics:

1 Freight transport volumes are growing, with no clear signs of decoupling from GDP. 2 Passenger transport volumes have paralleled economic growth. 3 Greenhouse gas emissions from transport are growing. 4 Harmful emissions have declined, but air quality problems require continued attention. 5 Road freight continues to gain market share. 6 Air passenger transport is growing, while the shares of road and rail remain constant. 7 Developments in fuels are contributing to emission reductions. 8 Car occupancy and lorry load factors are declining in countries for which data are available. 9 New technology can cut emissions and fuel consumption, but more efforts are needed to achieve CO2 targets. 10 Price structures are increasingly aligned with, yet still well below the external costs level.