Transport energy efficiency in CEO2019

The Dutch National Energy Agreement includes actions and policy measures for the transport sector that together aim to achieve 15-20 PJ energy savings in 2020. For the 2016 National Energy Outlook (NEO2016), the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) and CE Delft estimated the likely impact of these measures and set out the results in a set of factsheets (PBL, CE Delft, 2017). For NEO2017, CE Delft, ECN and TNO updated a number of these factsheets and prepared several new ones (CE Delft 2017).

The present report reviews current data on six measures/elements of the policy package for the mobility sector in what has now been renamed the Climate and Energy Outlook (CEO2019) and estimates the resultant energy savings for the year 2020. The measures and their impacts are presented in six factsheets, on the following topics:

  • Behavioural measures, passenger transport (update)
  • Tyres (new)
  • Emissions reduction, logistics sector (update)
  • Sustainable procurement (update)
  • Cycling incentives (update). 
  • Zero-emission bus transport (update).