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Meis Uijttewaal

Meis Uijttewaal
About Meis

I’ve been with CE Delft’s Supply Chain Analysis sector since March 2020, working on projects in which we use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the environmental footprint of products, services and organisations. Based on these analyses we advise government and industry on the steps they can take to help build a more sustainable world.

I enjoy working on projects across a wide range of issues, both biotic and abiotic. I’ve been involved in studies on the environmental impact of various kinds of packaging, fruit and vegetables, textile and plastics recycling and greenwaste processing. Besides carrying out LCAs, I like designing tools that allow companies to calculate the climate impact of their products themselves. I also enjoy delving into methodological issues like determining the environmental impact of recycling.

Before joining CE Delft I completed a bachelor’s in Physics and a master’s in Energy & Environmental Sciences at the University of Groningen, where I acquired my analytical skills and know-how on sustainability and systems analysis, including in my research on an optimal agricultural system for the Netherlands.

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