LCA of reusable and single-use surgical gowns and drapes
April 2022
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Monitoring chemical recycling. How to include chemical recycling in plastic recycling monitoring?
March 2022
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CO2 reduction with circular plastics in the Netherlands. Scenario analysis for 2030 and several case studies
October 2021
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Carbon footprint of unwanted data-use by smartphones. An analysis for the EU
July 2021
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Climate impact of waste processing routes in the Netherlands. CO2 emission factors for recycling and incineration for 13 waste flows
March 2021
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‘Circular Zuid-Holland’ State-of-the-art reports on Microplastics, Circular solar panels and Natural waste streams
Februari 2021
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Packaging under the SUP directive. An environmental exploration of the potential impact of measures for several illustrative example cases
Oktober 2020
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Towards more sustainable artificial grass
September 2020
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Reuse of paving bricks. Summary of final report
July 2020
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Measuring the impact of circular procurement of workwear
Juni 2020
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