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Sander Raphaël

Sander Raphaël
About Sander

As of September 2022, I have joined CE Delft as a researcher/advisor in the Mobility & Transport sector. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Earth & Economics with a minor in Spatial Economics and then majored in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics. Specialisations in transport economics and environmental economics gave me the opportunity to conduct extensive research at the intersections of transport and sustainability. This culminated in my thesis on the feasibility and acceptance of a cable car as a mode of public transportation in a poorly accessible location in Paris, from multiple perspectives.

Before joining CE Delft, I worked in financial services for about a year and a half, specifically with regard to mortgages. During this period, I acquired considerable knowledge and developed many skills. Following this, I was ready for a career better suited to my interests and abilities. At CE Delft, I hope to make a difference in the field of sustainability in the highly agile mobility and transport sector.

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November 2023
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