Carbon Take Back Obligation, an Economic Evaluation
juni 2022
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Vision for Sustainable Industry in Zaanstad
April 2022
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50% green hydrogen for Dutch industry. Analysis of consequences draft RED3
March 2022
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Climate-neutrality estimate for Amsterdam. Impact of proposed policy on CO2 emissions – Update 2022
February 2022
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Spatial exploration of CO₂ transport and storage: situation mid-2021
December 2021
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Climate Crisis Policy Team (KBT)
November 2021
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The social value of green gas. Case studies for mobility, industry and built environment
October 2021
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Opportunities for hydrogen in Limburg industry – Feasibility study
August 2021
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Climate targets for 2030 feasible with carbon budgeting system
July 2021
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Sustainable business parks in Utrecht. Routes towards zero-carbon business parks
February 2021
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