Much of the research performed by CE Delft is markedly economic in nature, charting the relationships between environment, policy and economy. A team of ten economists (including several with doctorates) work on designing sophisticated solutions for environmental issues for government, industry and NGOs.
The analytical framework employed in our work is economic, with environmental damage, policies and impacts on economic sectors being analysed using standard economic research methods. Our work in this area is spearheaded by the following issues:
  • environmental economics: analysing the impacts of environmental policy
  • financial instruments, including greening the tax system
  • the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
  • social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA)
  • valuing environmental impacts using shadow prices.


In our research and consultancy work we proceed from the following premises :
  • A solid academic level
    Project reviews show that clients appreciate the high scientific quality of CE Delft’s economic analyses. We have a wide network of contacts, including staff at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and professors at economics universities, whose help can be called on in projects as required.
  • Practically oriented 
    We build bridges between the latest scientific understanding and the day-to-day policy decisions that our clients need to make.
  • Independent
  • Transparency with regard to methodological choices and premises
  • Clearly written reports
  • Creative and innovative
    Wherever possible we try to be creative and innovative in applying economic theory to environmental issues.