Additional climate policies for 2030. CE Delft, Berenschot and Kalavasta

The Dutch government has conducted an Interdepartmental Policy Study (IPS) to examine the draft Climate Policy Programme and to advise on additional policy options. The review has provided insight into the possibility of, and the need for tightening the policy programme and on making additions to this as to achieve the government’s ambition for 2030 2030 (to increase the targeted CO2e reduction in 2030 from 55% to 60%). With a knowledge consortium comprising CE Delft, Berenschot and Kalavasta, we provided the government with support in making the analyses required for the research. This report contains the input for the government provided by the consortium. In addition, we performed a validation of the IPS policy measures, in particular the factsheets with additional measures. The validation is not part of this report.

Lastly, we made a cost calculation for the central IPS policy package.

The report and cost memorandum are part of the Letter to Parliament  “Scherpe doelen, scherpe keuzes: IBO aanvullend normerend en beprijzend nationaal klimaatbeleid voor 2030 en 2050” (Challenging targets, challenging choices: IPS on additional standards and costs relating to the national climate policy for 2030 and 2050), which Minister Jetten (Climate and Energy Policy) presented to the Dutch House of Representatives on 13 March 2023.