Analysis maps for Regional Energy Strategies

For the Dutch National Programme on Regional Energy Strategy, CE Delft, Generation.Energy and Geodan have created a basic set of analysis maps to support regions in developing regional energy strategies. The viewer can be found here.  

Basic data as a support tool
This viewer provides access to a basic set of data on energy use, energy generation and energy infrastructure, based on open-access and commonly used national data sources. The data set, standardized across municipalities and RES regions, was created as a support tool for those working on Regional Energy Strategies (RES) to establish their own dedicated RES programme. The data are downloadable and can be used as each region sees fit, supplemented by or combined with regional and local data or fed into in-house software/GIS environments.

The quality of the calculations depends on the source data used. We have endeavoured to report this as accurately as possible. In doing so we depended on the completeness of the source data and the year of publication. Wherever possible use was made of open-access data sources (including CBS, ‘climate monitor’, RVO, PBL).



T. Kuijers, B. Hocks, J. Witte (Generation.Energy)