Applying the principles of circularity to sustainable products

Rijkswaterstaat commissioned CE Delft to produce an overview report on circularity, which it intends to use to draft the Circular Materials Plan (Circulair Materialenplan, CMP). This report compiles current knowledge of circularity and how this can be applied to product design and the selection of materials. It examines:

  • Core principles and goals
  • Raw materials in a circular economy, preconditions
  • Circular products and systems: design rules, assessment of circularity, partnerships
  • Insight into seven types of materials: asphalt, concrete, electronics, wood, plastic, steel and textiles.

The CMP replaces the National Waste Management Plan (Landelijk Afvalbeheerplan, LAP). It will contribute to achieving Dutch ambitions of a fully circular economy by 2050. The goal of a circular economy is to use raw materials and products in the economy in a sustainable way. That requires more than merely good waste management. Prevention, life extension, reuse and replacement with alternative, sustainably produced materials are all needed.