Beyond gas. Prospects for two new concepts: Low-Temperature Geothermal and the ‘Minewater’ smart thermal grid

At the request of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and TKI Urban Energy, CE Delft and IF Technology have carried out a study on the potential in the Netherlands of two new space-heating concepts: low-temperature geothermal heat (LTG) and the ‘Minewater’ smart thermal grid with underground buffering, as rolled out by Mijnwater B.V. in the former mining town of Heerlen. Both concepts are collective variants of low-temperature (LT) heat grids. LTG uses geothermal heat produced at a depth of 250-1,250 metres. The Minewater concept is an LT heat exchange system involving exchange of both heat and cold between LT sources (including LTG) and the demand side, using buffering to optimize the system.



Guus Willemsen, Marc Koenders, Bas de Zwart | IF Technology