Calculations on Zaans Climate Agreement 2.0. Status of Zaanstad’s CO2 emissions and impact of initiatives and policy measures

Zaanstad Municipality aspires to achieve climate-neutrality between 2030 and 2040. This means that by 2040 at the latest there are to be no net emissions of CO2 or other greenhouse gases within municipal boundaries. The Zaans Climate Agreement 2.0 was recently presented, reporting current status, the various sustainable initiatives and policy developments relating to the energy transition, circular economy and healthy living environment in Zaanstad. For this Climate Agreement 2.0 the municipality asked CE Delft to review the current situation via-à-vis greenhouse gas emissions and, where possible, give a quantitative estimate of how they will be impacted by the proposed measures.

In collaboration with the municipality, nine developments and fifteen Zaans policy measures and initiatives were selected that are sufficiently concrete for calculation and/or deemed to have a significant effect. Their estimated impact on emissions in 2030 is a reduction of around 30% relative to 2018, increasing to 47% in 2040 and 59% in 2050.