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Lonneke de Graaff

Lonneke de Graaff
senior researcher/consultant | theme leader Sustainable Procurement
About Lonneke

I’ve been working at CE Delft as a researcher/consultant in the Supply Chain Analysis sector since November 2015. In my previous job with Beco/EY Cleantech and Sustainability I gained over ten years’ experience as a project manager and sustainability consultant on products, processes and supply chains. Working for both government and industry, I identify the life-cycle environmental impacts of products, from raw materials, production and use through to waste, and advise on how those impacts can be minimized. I have extensive experience with Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) in multiple sectors, including rubbers and plastics, chemicals, clothing and textiles, metals, paper and cardboard, packaging and construction materials. I also review third-party LCAs. I’m glad I can apply my knowledge of sustainability, the circular economy, recycling, biobased materials and product innovation in a practical setting, making the results of my work tangible for clients in the form of a report or presentation, a model, tool or infographic, or a more creative form like a workshop, training or brainstorm session. As a consultant with a practical, hands-on approach, I engage strongly with the projects I’m involved in. Among my strong points is an ability to translate raw data into practical concepts and formats, which are always geared primarily to the user or users.

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September 2022
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June 2022
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Guidelines for monitoring and contractual guarantee of sustainable procurement. Recommendations to government on improved organisation of monitoring and contractual guarantee of sustainable procurement
October 2021
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