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Pien van Berkel

Pien van Berkel
About Pien

Since August 2019 I’ve been working with great pleasure on CE Delft’s Sustainable Cities team, contributing to wide-ranging projects on regional energy strategies, sustainability policy reviews and support to municipalities in the transition to zero-gas heating.

In my work I want to make a positive contribution to reducing the footprint of the built environment. One way I do this is by advising authorities on effective policies for achieving true progress on their sustainability aspirations (what measures yield the greatest reduction in CO2 emissions, for example?). With my interdisciplinary background I know how to combine insights from different fields and translate technical-economic analyses into readily understood policy recommendations.

My interest in sustainable cities dates back to my Urban Environmental Management studies at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), where I researched the heat transition and energy poverty in the social housing sector. Since joining CE Delft I’ve continued to work on equitable organization of the energy transition. I also have a broader interest in sustainable cities, ranging from the energy transition to climate adaptation and the circular economy.

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August 2022
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Addressing energy poverty in Zoetermeer. Background report concerning council proposal SPUK regulation (Dutch Clean Air Agreement tool)
June 2022
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