Chain emissions from electricity. Electricity mix update 2021

CE Delft updated the emission factor for electricity, including chain emissions, for These are the chain emissions from electricity produced in the Netherlands in 2021, the most recent year for which all the necessary data are available based on CBS data (see also Climate and Energy Report 2023 (Klimaat- en Energieverkenning 2023)).

CO2 emission factors of energy carriers, passenger transport, freight transport and refrigerants are available on These emission factors can be used by consumers, organisations and businesses to calculate their climate footprint.

The CO2 emission factor for electricity production in 2021 was 300 g/kWh. Emissions in the chain are an additional 74 g/kWh, bringing the total emission factor of electricity to 374 g/kWh. We first calculated the chain emissions for each individual energy source (natural gas, coal, wind, solar PV, biomass, etc.) and then determined the chain emissions of the total energy mix based on electricity production by energy source in 2021