Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in North Africa

CE Delft has investigated the scope for developing Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in North Africa and the potential for delivering the output to the Europe.

The findings were as follows. In technical terms CSP is a proven technology and
North Africa is excellently placed as a region to develop it. There is sufficient potential for distributing renewably sourced power from here to the countries of the EU. As yet, though, the Dutch government’s focus in developing renewable energy is firmly within the country’s own territory (as with onshore and offshore wind power and solar cells). When it comes to developing CSP, Dutch industries still show a preference for the south of Europe rather than North Africa.

Meanwhile, however, twelve major European companies have announced their intention to invest around € 400 billion in creating the infrastructure and capacity for generating solar power in North Africa. CE Delft sees opportunities for the Netherlands – government, knowledge institutes and industry – to respond to these developments and contribute to the sustainable development of North African nations, exploiting the opportunities that CSP brings with it in this particular region.