Database with costs and effects of circular measures

CE Delft has developed a database around the costs and impacts of policy measures relating to the circular economy. This is an important first step towards elaborating circular models based on concrete measures, allowing the sums to be done on the costs and impacts of potential policies. The database was created as part of the Working Programme on Monitoring and Directing the Circular Economy, 2019-2023, which aims to create a framework for monitoring and reviewing the policies adopted by the national government through to 2050 and provide the know-how required for formulating and steering such policies. As of mid-March 2020 the database contains 81 studies (53 Dutch, 28 foreign) and 466 measures. Most of the studies are on measures elaborated by private research agencies and NGOs.

The database shows there is copious information on CO2 emissions reduction, but relatively little on costs and material savings. For types of consumption and product categories with a large environmental footprint and/or containing critical materials, especially, it may be interesting to elaborate cost curves. Examples include cars, textiles, electronics and furniture. CE Delft therefore invites parties to contribute to the database as new studies become available.

 Click here for the database (Excel, in Dutch).