Ex-post evaluation of energy efficiency covenants MJA3 and MEE. Period 2013-2020 with a window to the entire implementation period

This report evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the Dutch energy efficiency covenants (MJA3 and MEE) for the period 2013-2020.

Our findings are as follows:

  • The covenants largely met the preconditions for effectiveness and generally achieved their stated goals.
  • No hard evidence was found, however, that the covenants were effective, since other factors also contributed to improving energy efficiency.
  • Government costs for the covenants were lower than for other instruments.
  • Companies especially valued knowledge sharing and togetherness within the industry.

The following are given as recommendations:

  • Do not proceed with the existing covenants in their current form.
  • Focus on alternative tools for knowledge sharing and encouraging a collaborative process, such as developing roadmaps by sector.
  • Promote chain effects in energy savings through other instruments, such as sustainable procurement.
  • More clarification of the role of regulatory authorities with regard to energy saving.