Exploratory study on transport bioLNG

In 2017 Rotterdam Port Authority signed a Letter of Intent with parties to the National LNG Platform to explore the options for developing bioLNG as a transport fuel in Rotterdam Port. In mid-2017 this led to the project ‘Exploratory Study on BioLNG’, commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam and the National LNG Platform, with supplementary commissions from Gelderland provincial executive, Twente Port Authority and LTO Glaskracht Nederland, the trade association for greenhouse horticulture.

The project has a twofold aim: to bring together the available information, and to explore the opportunities for large-scale development of bioLNG as a transport fuel.

The overall picture is that bioLNG represents one potential means of greening long-haul and heavy transport. Our literature study shows that bioLNG can yield a 70% reduction in well-to-wheel CO¬-eq. emissions relative to fossil (Euro V).