IJVERGAS. Feasibility of hydrogen generation on a multifunctional island at IJmuiden Ver

Wind power generation in the North Sea is undergoing rapid, visible expansion. In the IJmuiden Ver area, 80 kilometres off the Den Helder coast, 4 GW additional capacity is planned by 2030 and possibly up to 10 GW later.

The 4 GW expansion alone is four times current Dutch offshore wind capacity. To bring such vast amounts of wind energy to shore as electricity requires extensive power conversion and transmission equipment. A promising alternative for such a massive undertaking is conversion of offshore wind power to hydrogen in power-to-gas facilities,.  This study explores the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen generation on a multifunctional island in the IJmuiden Ver area. Although the prime focus is on the technical and economic aspects of the energy dimension,  non-technical aspects are also considered, since development of a multifunctional island requires a broad, systemic approach.

The IJVERGAS project was carried out with subsidy from the ministry of Economic Affairs, National schemes for Economic Affairs subsidies, Topsector Energy implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).


  • Nina Voulis
  • Frans Rooijers
  • Joeri Vendrik
  • Reinier van der Veen
  • Thijs Scholten
  • Malte Renz, NEC
  • Miralda van Schot, NEC
  • Catrinus Jepma, NEC
  • Madelaine Halter, TNO
  • Joris Koorneef, TNO
  • Hester Dijkstra, TNO
  • Ernst van Zuijlen, OSF
  • Chris Westra , OSF
  • Wim Klomp, Royal HaskoningDHV
  • Ferry van der Linden, Intecsea
  • Ballard Asare-Bediako, HAN