Regional Energy Strategy for Rotterdam/The Hague 1.0

The Regional Energy Strategy 1.0 for Rotterdam/The Hague has been finalised and is now in the decision-making phase. In RES 1.0 a strategy was elaborated for the themes Energy System, Heat, Electricity and Fuels. CE Delft has been working on this RES since 2018 in partnership with Generation.Energy and APPM.

Over this period CE Delft has contributed in a variety of ways, on a broad range of issues: from mediating initial brainstorming sessions with municipal officials, supporting stakeholder sessions and municipal council sessions to responsibility for energy scenario calculations through to 2050. In terms of substance CE Delft has been an active contributor to the RES chapters on Heat, Fuels and Energy System.

Heat: Inventory of heat supply and demand and identification of opportunities for supramunicipal heat grids.

Fuels: Exploration of the role of sustainable fuels in the broad energy system, including a 2021 update of a Background Report on Sustainable Fuels (in Dutch).

Energy System: Outlining interconnections between the themes of Electricity, Heat and Fuels.

Documents (in Dutch)