Report on systems study on Noord-Holland energy infrastructure, 2020-2050

The integrated systems study on the energy infrastructure of Noord-Holland province for 2020-2050 maps out for the first time how energy supply and demand are likely to develop between 2020 and 2050. The data were calculated at the municipal level and (for Amsterdam) the borough level. The analysis results are described in the reports prepared for the regions of North and South Noord-Holland and the North Sea Canal Area industrial region (NZKG). As it is obviously impossible to predict trends in supply and demand over such a long period with any certainty, four potential future scenarios were examined. These scenarios are based on national scenarios and were elaborated for the specific situations in Noord-Holland province. Each scenario makes different assumptions about development of demand and how this pans out for various energy carriers, such as electricity, hydrogen, green gas, heat and liquid fuels. These scenarios were then used by grid operators to calculate impacts on the various types of energy infrastructure. By holding future bottlenecks, challenges and potential solutions up to the light of all the scenarios, robust conclusions and recommendations could be formulated. The results of this systems study will serve, among other things, as input for the province’s two Regional Energy Strategies (RES).



ECN.TNO: Sebastiaan Hers, Omar Ushmani, Marc Marsidi, Wouter Wetzels, Joost Gerdes

Studio Marco Vermeulen: Joost van der Waal, Marco Vermeulen