Review of Energy Top Sector

The key question addressed in this periodic review of the Netherlands’ Energy Top Sector (ETS) is: ‘Are we doing the right things, and are we doing them properly?’. In answering the first part of the question, the aim was to establish whether the ETS is striving for a portfolio that makes the greatest contribution to achieving targets by improving the likelihood of attractive new technologies being developed. In answering the second part, the aim was to evaluate whether the ETS is adequately organised. This periodic review was carried out for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs by CE Delft in collaboration with Triple E Consulting.
Sub-study 1 provides an overall picture of the contribution of the Top Consortiums for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI. Sub-study 2 addresses the question of whether the ETS is focusing on the right issues and whether this is being done in optimum fashion. The Management summary reports the overall conclusions from the two sub-studies.
The main conclusion is that the ETS portfolio harmonises well with the Netherland’s competitive edge and the targets laid down in the Energy Agreement on Sustainable Growth, but that more detailed attention should be given to impacts on CO2 emissions reduction, employment and competitive growth.