Scope for CO2 reduction in State infrastructure projects up to 2030

As part of the strategy ‘Towards Climate Neutral and Circular Government Infrastructure Projects’ (KCI), transition pathways have been developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) for the five categories of work that have the largest climate impact and consumption of materials. In 2022, roadmaps for these five transition pathways have been drawn up containing measures to achieve the stated goals.

CE Delft has made an initial estimate of the potential CO2 reduction that could be achieved by the measures contained in the roadmaps by 2030. To this end, calculations of some of the measures were supplemented by an estimate of the potential of the remaining measures. Based on the estimation, this study provides valuable qualitative insights for the entire KCI strategy. It provides a starting point on which to build in the coming years. This report is a summary of the main findings of the study.

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