Transition vision on heat supply for Amstelveen. Background report

Before 2021 all Dutch municipalities must indicate how urban neighbourhoods and housing estates intend to transition to sustainable heating systems. CE Delft has supported Amstelveen municipality in developing an initial version of their Heat Transition Vision (HTV), which has now been published for public consultation (available in Dutch here). This background report by CE Delft examines the heat demand, energy infrastructure and costs of the various heating options.

In its HTV Amstelveen municipality sets out a timetable for transitioning neighbourhoods and estates to sustainable heating systems. For those where this is scheduled prior to 2030, the HTV also provides insight into potential alternative types of energy infrastructure (all-electric, (different types of) heat grids, etc.). Making sound choices for these requires both subjective decision-making frameworks and substantive know-how. In this background report we review the substantive know-how of relevance for the HTV.

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